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need to integrate with Siri or widgets

Siri can set my appointments and tell me the weather, shouldn't I be able to tell her "set thermostat to 68 degrees" or "turn on porch light"? a widget would add convenience also. would make it easier to view and change my lights/temperature.


You can not click on "OK" in the "no wifi connections found" dialog box on iPhone when using apple navigation. Is it necessary to have that dialog box pop up every time? It is still hard to click on "OK" even when it allows you to. You have to click precisely on it.

Crestron Mobile and IOS 6

And still waiting for Crestron to update this app to take best advantage of the iPhone 5's larger screen.


Great APP; when will we see support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5 larger screen?

Display issue with latest update

Landscape-only issue resolved after deleting the app & re-installing.


You can only go in sideways mode. Wont let you edit into different fields to edit settings. Cannot get type screen to lower out if view. Very frustrated with this app!!

Confirmed new ver only has horizontal view. Very annoying


Crestron Please

Love the app! Please add a button under settings to modify auto-lock while using the app. If it had that it would be perfect.

Crestron help

I have a home full of crestron and need help. If you can help me email jmf2660@yahoo

Reconnection Issues with iOS 5

If experiencing reconnection issues with iOS 5, enter Setup and make sure Port A and Port B have the same value to resolve.


A bunch of people write reviews saying horrible, useless, etc, first of all ignorant people: do you know what is this app for? Do you think you will control you house just with this app? Hello! Of course you need a compatible Crestron processor and a programmer to make it work for you. Other than that, app works just like expected. And more, dont expect this to be as reliable as a crestron touchpanel. Otherwise, how will they make money on touchpanels??

Slow like molasses

Slow start an slow responses :-(


Combined with a well programmed Crestron system this application is powerful, fast, and extremely handy. Thanks to the team at Crestron for working so hard to bring this to us!

Great App, bad update

This is a great way to interface with my home theater gear. I have the ability to make a remote that can do any sequence of things I want it to with all my components. The programming takes time, but your own custom design is well worth the effort. This app has been flawless until the most recent update. Now when the project loads there is nothing but a black screen. I recently did a restore on my 2g touch and synced an older version of this app. Everything loaded and functioned correctly. As soon as I updated back to the current version I am stuck with a black screen again.

Less than lackluster

This App falls short on nearly every level. It connects to a processor and relays button presses, and that's about it. The interface is horrible. It is not elegant, the graphics are substandard, and it doesn't even implement standard iPhone UI elements or navigation. It is a generic experience altogether especially considering you are controlling thousands of dollars worth of high end equipment. At best it replicates what a Crestron touch panel does, only not as well. This app could be so much more.


THis app was a pice of junk it asks for an IP address??? A host name???? And Port A B and it requires a passcode???? WHAT THE HECK ARE THESE THINGS??? Dont buy it its a waist of time.

Works great, beware the upgrage!

Love having Crestron Control on my iPod Touch! Been using this for about a year now, and will never look back. HOWEVER, be careful when updating to version 2. All my systems were deleted and had to be set up again. Found out the hardway, when I pulled out my touch and BAM, no control! So basicly, works great just be careful when upgrading.

Mucho Bad App!

When I found out that I needed programmers to come over, I freaked because I didn't want to pay to have my iPhone hooked up to my control processer.

Crashes iPOD/iPhone WIFI Constantly

UPDATE: After trying to use this and troubleshooting for days here is what I have learned on my own; 1. Itouches and iPhones have horrible WIFI. When running the Crestron program there is a heartbeat being sent a bunch of times a second and if the iTouch misses one of these because of some interference the program tries to reconnect which takes 3 to 4 seconds which was happening at about once every minute. Annoying and unuseable!! 2. There is no timeout on the itouch WIfI but the Crestron program crashes Apple's WIFI and shuts WIFI down, making the user press home and then wait for reconnect and reopen the Crestron program. 3. These are the same problems that I have with the free version and I will not recommend the use of these programs to my clients anymore since every time I have has ended in disappointment. Crestron doesn't seem to want to acknowledge that their app crashes the WIFI on the iPOD/iPhone causing the user to have to press the home button wait for WIFI reconnection then load the App again. I have used many different setting and I am using the recommended WAP from D-link. I can't be the only one with this problem. I have used wireshark to trace the network packets and noticed bad packets being sent from 4 different installations but that doesn't cause the crash. I have contacted Crestron multiple times and they say they never heard of this problem. Usually Crestron has great support but it seems that this app is just a side project and not important. Well it is important to the client that is trying to run a custom programmed show in front of hundreds of people. This product is too risky to use anywhere other then someones home when they don't care if it could crash at any given time.

Excellent app, have your house on your hands

Amazing app, I can control everything under my Crestron system from my iPhone. Works really well, you can create the pages on VT Pro, assign to joins on the SIMPL program and then just enjoy controling your home theather, a/c, I even open my front door from my iPhone. Don't be scared off by people telling you it is rocket science, anyone with reasonable computer knowledge can learn how to program a Crestron system and this app. The only draback is the size of the program you can create on the iPhone app. I could only do half of what I wanted before the project reached the ~250k limit.

Awesome app

Works like a charm. As long as you do the programming right the first time you won't have any problems. Only bad part is the size limitation but that's not relly because of the app anyways.

Excellent app !!!!

Since the day this app became available I've been programing clients systems almost none stop. The upsell to this app is huge, especially for that "gotta have it client". It's a great app that works perfectly if you actually know what you're doing. If you can't get it to work, stick with Pronto, Control 4, or the "all-in-one" universal remote from Wal-Mart. Only down side we've seen has been the AT&T 3g network seems to be the weakest link not the app itself. Crestron, keep up great work !


I love it! I use it more than my home remotes. Highly recommend it!

Crestron/Itouch Application

Amazing control with my itouch. Has almost all the same functions as my touchpanel.

Get the facts before complaining

The app works well. I would suspect the people who are complaining (Like the person who doesn't know what Cedia, Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association is) just don't know how to use/program the app. Can it control your whole house? Yes, if programmed properly. Can you just install the app and run it and have it control the house (or anything for that matter) without your programmer? No. It's part of a complete system and as such it needs to be added to the system. Now, on to the "locks up" people; In the settings on your iPhone, iPod touch, you will find a setting for the Crestron app. If you have it set to "Auto Reconnect" it will connect as soon as you launch the app. If you launch the app and the app can not connect to your system, it will keep trying until it times out and then the app closes. If you use the app, like I do with both inside and outside the house addresses, fand I try to reconnect to my internal address while outside the house, it doesn't work. In fact, the first couple of times I thought I had to resync to get my iPod touch working again. Once I realized (ok, someone told me) to turn off the auto reconnect, It has worked flawlessly, period

Two many crashes

Need the exterminator. Good idea but very buggy crashes often and tooooooo slow

iPhone App

Wao, my iPhone was the first one I programed, and it works great remotely, Crestron really is the leader in Home Automation.

Absolutly great

This works flawlessly, the people behind this really know what they are doing Keep up the good work Mark

What more do you want?

Works perfectly, easy to use. I can switch my A/V sources just fine.. Don't know what the other reviewer is talking about. If you were promised that the app can do something it doesn't, take it up with your dealer. This app does exactly what it's billed to, and it's up to the programmer to make it do that. Keep in mind that this app is designed for remote monitoring and basic control of your system when you're *AWAY*. it's not meant to be a touchpanel replacement. So, if you want to gripe about not doing what it's not even supposed to, go right ahead, it just makes you look silly. There's a second app coming out soon that IS designed for local system control. It's on the Crestron website.

Great Everything Remote!!!!

Works great! Control everything!! With your iphone!!!

Great app for institutions

I have deployed this application in 20 classrooms in a school. It offers great control and ease of use. Combined with another app for PowerPoint control (or Crestron's own e-PowerPoint software) it makes the iPhone or iPod Touch into the ultimate room and presentation control device. Combined with VPN it enables tech support to profide phone support and room control even when off campus.

Finally I have TP

I have been waiting for this for a long time. I got tired of using xpanel on a laptop just to control my home. Very easy to integrate and surprisingly fast feedbacks even on 3G. Sometimes freezes and crashes if unable to connect to processor. It should go back to connections page if unable to connect. Make sure to change your http port! Port 80 is sometimes blocked by ISP. And Read the quick start guide. Please update vtpro and app to allow larger TP file to compile and to allow analog guage and slider.

Go Crestron

This is what I've been waiting for! The app is cool, the Crestron module is simple. It's a little buggy but I'm sure they will come out with revisions. AMX should learn something from this app :O).


Works well, but crashes often. Looking forward to updates.

...another not ready for primtime Crestron Virus

Crashes constantly and hangs up my ( and customers) iPhones so that they have to be re-synced in order to recover. Should have been tested more as it is going to cause the iPhone to get a bad name.

Audio Bog....

it has to be programmed by a crestron programmer!!! APP WORKS GREAT!!! :D Love it!! I've been waiting for this since Cedia!!!

3 Letters ........... WOW!

This is very easy to add to a system and is lightning fast. Oh the opportunities are endle$$.


Totally Useless for sound or video control.... This was the whole reason I just spent 15k on crestron for my home...I was assured that I would be able to use my iPhone to control video and sound....I want my Money back!!

Awesome selling point for Crestron!

This is a great selling feature for Crestron. The initial package looks great, and I can't wait to create some projects for exisiting customers.


This is going to be an awesome selling point for Crestron products!

Review of the app or the 'package'?

The app works, it connects and transfers pressed to the processor etc. But the entire package needs work, doesn't seem to support .png graphics and issues with button frames...etc. Great future, limited present.

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